Friday, 1 April 2011

Vegetable printing

Since we are looking at planting and growing at the moment I thought we'd have a go at vegetable printing.  I'd hoped we could do this outside on a roll of paper but, alas, it was too windy here today so we opted to stay inside.  We had potatoes and broccoli in so that's what we used.  I suggested we make trees and flowers.
Boy usually just covers his page completely in a sludgy brown colour (his enveloping schema - more about schemas in a future post) so he did really well to have a go at creating something with form here.
I gave Girl some help here to make a flower but she enjoyed it for a bit.
 Just so as not to disappoint me Boy did one of his specials too.
We went on to extend the idea of printing outside by making footprints on the ground.  I used a tray from the kitchen and put some water in it and the children used it as a puddle to wet their wellies and make footprints and a few splashes too.
This idea is a really simple one.  Just make sure you don't mind getting in a mess.  Wear old clothes and an apron and cover your furniture with a wipe clean tablecloth or newspaper.

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