Monday, 22 August 2011

Teddy's Wash Day

We are taking care of Barney, the pre school bear, this week.  This morning we decided that Barney's clothes needed washing so we headed out to the garden to wash his things.
Warm water and soap solution are all we needed.  Both children had fun scrubbing his clothes.
And then wringing them out.
Then they realised they could use the clothes like sponges to transport water from the water tray to a watering can a few metres away.
Then to throw water across the garden.
Then they hung them out to dry in the sun.
Barney just sat and watched!
This is something I remember doing as a child.  Washing dolls clothes in the garden.  Water play and role play combined.
We are recording all the things we do with Barney to write into his book of adventures.  Boy only has two weeks left at nursery before he leaves for good to go on to primary school so he's very keen to give Barney a great time.  So far he's been shopping, played mini golf and helped to build some shelves with Daddy.