Thursday, 18 August 2011

Homemade Play Food

Having made salt dough models with the children at home the other day I made these pieces of play food in the same way.  These are for the new shop role play area we are creating at nursery.  We realised much of the play food was missing so I decided to make these.  For the recipe for salt dough take a look at this.
A selection of bakery items including jam tarts, biscuits, cupcakes, swiss roll and gingerbread men.
And some fruit and veg; apples, pears, bananas, tomatoes and potatoes.
Obviously you know your children and if they are likely to put things in their mouths then this wouldn't be such a good idea.  We will be using these with children 3 years and over.  I painted them with ready made toxic free water based paint from tesco.  I mixed the colours and it was fairly easy.  The children helped me make some bread and pies yesterday at the nursery so our shop should be pretty well stocked by the end of today.  I've also collected a few boxes (cereal, egg, toothpaste etc..) too!  I really enjoyed making these actually, very cheap and easy too!


  1. Awesome!!! How long did the pears take to bake?

    Since I think about salt dough only around xmas, I was glad to be reminded with your recent posts bc I ended up making goat ornaments fir the children to paint for my daughter's goat themed party. It's been a challenge to think of activities for such an obscure theme. ;)

  2. The pears took about 2 hours to bake. They did crack a little bit on the bottom but once painted looked fine. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Wow - these really came out amazing! I was just thinking that I should buy some plastic or wood fruit for my little ones' kitchen, but this would work just as well (and be a lot cheaper!). Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. These are beautiful! I am very happy that I found your blog!

  5. These are so adorable! I can't wait to make some of them at home!