Thursday, 15 September 2011

Autumn Antics

Now that we walk to school and back every morning we have the perfect opportunity to collect some leaves on the way home.  When you really start to look there are some amazing colours.  We got home and I asked Girl what she wanted to do and she said 'play!'  We narrowed it down to play dough so we made some in autumn colours.
She experimented with the leaves and seeds we had collected pressing them into the dough.
She used cutters to make prints on the dough.
The contrast of the colours of the dough against the leaves was particularly striking and we enjoyed comparing different combinations.
We found we could make some lovely prints too.
Now we are on the lookout for other interesting autumn things to collect and play with.

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  1. Thanks for the link - it's lovely to see your play. The colours of your leaves look so beautiful with the playdough.

  2. What fun! Makes me wish our leaves would turn color. I am in California now and we don't get the foliage like we used to on the East Coast.
    Vicky @