Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sand & Surf Imaginary Play Gift

We have just returned from a friends birthday party so I am now able to share this idea for a birthday gift without it's recipient seeing it before opening it.  I've been thinking about giving some homemade play dough to little friends for their birthday's for a while.  I didn't want to just give the dough on it's own so I put a few different resources together on a 'sea' theme along with the dough.  It's intended to be really open ended with scope for all kinds of play and to encourage creativity and the imagination.  Here's what is included.....
The play dough is blue (added green and silver glitter) and yellow (added gold glitter.)
A boat shaped cookie cutter.
Three small plastic tropical fish.
A selection of seashells.  I also put in a small book about underwater creatures.
Then I made it look attractive by wrapping the items in a cellophane gift bag and putting the dough into a kilner style jar.  A blue ribbon and some blue paper to write a tag and it was finished!  I think it's a lovely idea to put something like this together for a child's present.  There are so many commercial toys on the market but it can be difficult to find something original that children can really explore and get creative with.  I intend to make some similar ones on different themes for some more birthdays coming up.  I'll post these once they're done!

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  1. Great idea and beautiful packaging as an added bonus!!

    We've been making presents for kids' birthdays recently, and they seem to go over well. In addition to being creative, I love that homemade gifts are usually environmentally friendly because they use so much less plastic and paper packaging.