Friday, 27 May 2011

Storytelling with Teddy

Teddy came to Pre School with us today.  I decided to initiate a little literacy activity and encourage the children with some storytelling.  Teddy had been really busy in the morning and the children told stories about what he had done.  This is so simple and well worth a try with children aged 3 and over.
I explained that Teddy had had a very busy morning and had brought some things with him to the nursery. He had been using these things this morning.  He had with him.
Some clothes pegs......
a sponge scourer.....
and a duster.  We talked about the objects briefly just to make sure all the children knew what they were and what they could be used for.  Then they invented a story about what Teddy had been up to that morning.  I started it by saying 'Teddy woke up this morning, went and made some breakfast of tea and toast and then.....'  Teddy had apparently got up to all sorts including; washing up, washing his car, chatting to his neighbour, phoning one of the girl's Mums, doing his washing, getting wet in the rain, dusting and washing the windows.  Then one boy really went to town telling us about how Teddy had phoned him and his friends (who were Firemen) and had been brought to the nursery in a helicopter which landed on the roof.  Then he climbed down the building like Spiderman.  Brilliant!

You could use any three objects either on a theme (I've gone for cleaning here!) or just random and see where the children's imaginations take it.  Happy storytelling!


  1. This would be a great activity to do on a car trip. JDaniel is always asking me to tell me stories on long drives.

  2. What a fabulous idea! May just have to steal it for preschool :)