Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sun, Sea & Sand Imagination Kit

Included in this kit is; some shells, foam fish stickers, some ice cream toys, beach themed stickers, sand paper, some deep blue chiffon fabric, sun hats, sunglasses, a magnetic fish game, and some fish story books.  Also a fishing net (but this was too big to fit in the basket!)
I challenged Boy to create something from the items whilst I took Girl to get her dressed this morning.  He made a seaside scene in the living room and invited all his toys to the beach.
Girl popped a hat and sunglasses on and looked the part, she played with the ice creams for a couple of minutes and then just watched what her brother was doing.  Then the children did some fishing using the foam fish which Boy had placed on the blue chiffon as though they were swimming in water.
Boy used the magnetic fish as well.  Then he had an ice cream.
Then we moved on to using some of the stickers.
After a few minutes I asked if we could remember and rhymes to do with the sea and Boy suggested 'down at the bottom of the deep blue sea...'  We said it a few times and then we decided to make it more interesting by making a sort of parachute game using the blue chiffon.
'One, two, three!!!'
Then it moved on to 'Little fishes sleeping....'
'Splash little fishes....'
We had a great deal of fun playing with all these things.  There was loads of role play and imaginary play going on as well as a fair amount of creativity and some musical play thrown in.  It's great just to let the children take the lead and follow their suggestions and ideas.  We went to the library after this and Boy chose six books all of which were about the sea!  I plan to write another post about how this seaside play developed throughout the rest of the day.

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