Saturday, 21 May 2011

Colour Treasure Hunt

We are staying away from home this weekend so I hadn't intended to post anything until next week but this afternoon Boy and I decided to make a colour chart and go searching for colours both inside and out.
We are visiting Boy an Girl's Aunt and Uncle and so we went around the house and garden looking for matching colours.  We made this colour chart together and he chose a selection of colours to look for.  I helped by writing the names of each colour on the page.
Boy found green on this rocking toy.
A brown table.
A purple box.  Then we went outside and found.....
An orange hosepipe nozzle.
Red growbags and a red plant.  Also, some Lollo Rossa lettuce in the greenhouse.
He found blue pots.
And a black one too!
Then the lure of the large trampoline became too much.  Boy is saving his colour chart to try and find more things over the rest of the weekend.


  1. u have got some really nice ideas here....i can try many/all of these with my 2and a half yr old boy. i just saw that u made an alphabet book too. i have been making alphabet and assorted picture book for my son.
    hope u r having a fun filled weekend.
    it's nice to 'meet' u.

  2. Fabulous! A playful way to learn colours - what could be better than that!