Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sand and Paint

We had the morning together today before we went into nursery and the children didn't want to go out in the drizzle so I suggested we try and make some pictures using paint and sand.  This is what we did!
We used the following; paper, blue paint, water PVA glue, sand and some little shells.
We mixed together some paint, water and glue.
Then we used this to paint onto the paper.  Boy chose to cover his page and Girl just painted on some of hers.
Then we sprinkled sand over the top on the paint.  I had never done this before but the effect is quite good.  The sand makes a very fine spotty pattern on the paper and gives it an interesting texture.
We stuck some real small shells onto the picture too.  Boy was really pleased with his and took it to give to one of his teachers at nursery.
Using this blue colour gave it a really nice seaside feel but you could use any colour or a mix of colours.  It was a really easy activity and both children enjoyed it.  I like to do creative activities which don't require the children to do things in a certain way to create a specific finished product.  This is a good one because the results are attractive but the children can go about it in their own way without there being a right or wrong method.  They can express themselves better this way!

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