Monday, 16 May 2011

Oyster Shell Cakes

Boy requested to make cakes this afternoon and as we are looking at a theme of 'Sun, Sea, and Sand' I came up with this way of decorating them to look like oysters.  You can find our very simple fairy cake recipe here.  We made the cakes and left them to cool.
Then we made some buttercream icing.  Ingredients; 150g icing sugar, 75g butter, a few drops red colouring, a few drops vanilla extract.  Whisk the whole lot together until light and fluffy!
Then you have to lick the whisk obviously!
Then we cut a circle from the top of each cake.  We used a piping bag and nozzle to pipe some icing inside each cake but you could just spoon some in.
Then we put the lid back on and put a couple of decorative balls on each cake.  Done!
He said they were very tasty!
This activity led on to us doing some research together.  Looking for images of oysters and pearls and reading about how pearls are formed.  Boy was very interested in this and so we will look out for other ways to find out about oysters.

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