Sunday, 15 May 2011

Magic Fairy Dust Play Dough

We are in the middle of a Peter Pan theme with our wonderful Parent and Toddler Group Love Family which meets each Monday morning at the amazing Abundant Life Church in Bradford.  We partner with the onsite nursery Little Champions Daycare Nursery in providing a service to the local communities in the nearby area as well as families who are part of the church.

This week I have planned to use play dough as one of our activities.  This evening I have made Magic Fairy Dust Play Dough.  You can find the recipe I used here.
The photo doesn't show it very well but I've added some very fine glitter to the dough to give it a shimmery shine and sparkle.  I made the dough without adding any colouring to the pan and then split the dough into two to make two colours.  The yellow dough is scented using lemon extract and the pink one has a few drops of lavender oil to give it a floral scent.
A few pieces of kitchen equipment for the children to get creative with.  Fairy, heart and star cutters to remind the children of Tinkerbell (hopefully).  Things to make a fairy feast!
Some star sequins to decorate their creations with.
A crocodile play dough game courtesy of Sparklebox and also a fairy wings play dough mat.
Let hope it turns into a morning Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell and all their friends would approve of.

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  1. Magic fairy dust playdough - now here is an idea that my fairy obsessed four year old girls will definately think is a winner!