Sunday, 19 June 2011


Boy and Girl's favourite book is  'Pants' by  Giles Andae and Nick Sharratt.  It's one of my favourites too!
Sometimes looking at books leads on to other kinds of play or activities.  Children and adults can be inspired to extend what they have read.  Sometimes it's role play, singing, or art and craft activities.
Firstly, why do we love this book?
It's about pants, which are funny and silly.  It rhymes which makes it much easier for children to remember.  Boy can now 'read' this book out loud using the pictures as a prompt.  The illustrations are really bright and colourful which makes it really attractive to young children.
We decided to make our own pants using different papers.  I cut out a very simple pants shape and then Boy created his own design.
Allow books to ignite you imagination and see where it takes you.

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