All about me!

I am 31 and a mother to two children.  Boy is 4 and Girl is 19 months.  I am a qualified Teacher of Music but have more recently began working in Early Years.  A little while ago I began volunteering at my children's excellent nursery.  I am now employed at the nursery and based with pre school (3-4 yrs).  I live in Denholme, a semi-rural village between Bradford, Halifax and Keighley.

I have a special interest in play in the early years and I am very interested in equipping and encouraging parents to play with their children.  We all lead such busy lives but research shows that children who do not have positive play experiences before the age of 5 are significantly disadvantaged as they progress through school.  I am passionate about inspiring parents and carers to get creative and play, play, play!  I'm by no means suggesting that you parents should fill every minute of the day with wonderful and creative activities - children need to learn to entertain themselves too!  We are just a normal family.  Sometimes we don't get dressed first thing, sometimes we watch DVDs on repeat, we go to the supermarket and we play on the computer.  All it takes is to put aside a small amount of time when you can to create some really good quality play for your children.  Have a go!