Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Flower power

In keeping with our planting and growing theme we took a visit to a flower shop this morning.  Then we came home and started to make our own.
Pipe cleaners, tissue paper, scissors and sticky tape was all we used.  Cut a rectangle of tissue paper and gently push a pipe cleaner through the middle of the shape.  Stick some tape round the underside and job done.
If you're not a fan of messy activities then this one is pretty mess free.  There was certainly no need to wear aprons!  We made quite a few of these flowers in different colours to stock our flower shop.
Then boy made a sign for the shop - I helped out with the writing.
Then all it took was two small coffee tables, two pieces of fabric, some paper cups, ribbon and a toy till and we had our very own flower shop.
Boy's colouring skills are still developing!  He was interested in naming the letters that he knows.
There were loads of things to learn about whilst we were playing with the shop.  Counting the number of flowers the customer wants, tying them into bunches, picking out different colours, using pretend money to do some simple sums, plus loads more stuff I probably didn't even notice.  It was lots of fun too!


  1. Brilliant!!!
    One of our favourite activities was making cafes where we would make "plated meals" using skills such as painting, cutting and pasting exotic dishes from amgazines, playdough food etc, then we would use till and pretend money and I gave my girls scribble pads to write down "orders" with and it was amazing what they would try write dowen even before they could properly "write" and the interaction plus all the "learning through play" was brilliant...!!!

  2. I love the imaginative play element to this- just perfect!