Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Easter Imagination Kit

The Easter Imagination Kit is really an extension of treasure baskets, song and story bags, dressing up boxes and craft kits.  I've seen similar ideas on other sites and just adapted the idea slightly.  Easter seemed like an obvious theme this week so I put together some objects, toys, craft materials which I've found around the house and whilst out shopping this week.
This Imagination Kit contains, a couple of Easter animal masks, some kitchen roll tubes, an egg box, some plastic decorative eggs, pastel coloured ribbons, silk daffodils, Easter foam stickers, Easter chicks, a toy rabbit.
The idea of the Imagination Kit is to just provide the children with lots of things and let them do what they like with them.  It's to encourage them to use their imaginations and come up with some creative play ideas.  They did just that.
First Boy asked for some paper and used it with the foam stickers.  He chose only to use the blue and green ones though.  He also used some of the chicks and rabbits.  Girl watched him and played with the eggs and egg box.  Then she spent some time opening and closing the eggs.
Then Boy put the chick mask on and sang 'Chick, chick, chicken...'  Girl joined in with the actions and laughed at him.  Then she put the sheep mask on and Boy suggested we sang 'Baa baa black sheep.'

Following this Boy sorted the plastic eggs giving himself the blue and green ones and his sister the pink and gold ones.  Then they made a sort of ramp by joining the cardboard tubes together with sticky tape and sent the eggs down this ramp.
Then Girl came up to me with the rabbit toy and began pointing to her nose.  I realised she wanted to sing 'Little Peter Rabbit.'  We did this a few times and then moved on to 'Little Bunnies Sleeping.'  Boy suggested singing 'Little Chicks Sleeping' and 'Little Eggs Sleeping.'  We did both and there was lots of laughter!
The ribbons were tied around the legs of the piano stool.  Later on we read the Easter story from Boy's children's bible and then Boy asked me to read it a second time.  I intend to keep the Easter Imagination Kit out for the children to dip into whenever they like this week.

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