Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Water painting

First of all I have to admit that this idea was inspired by Mr M who decided to let the children play with some old paintbrushes from his stash in the garage.  He filled an old bin with water and just let Boy and Girl get on with it.
They dived in and painted the paving in the garden, a wheelbarrow and the water and sand tray.
Boy wrote his name on the ground during the activity.
This was a really great way of letting them explore mark making but in a different environment and using different tools.  They had a marvelous time and it was all cost free!


  1. One of my all time favorite activities for young kids outside!

  2. Perfect! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing on It's Playtime this week - I'm gonna share this with my FB crowd as well!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  3. We love water painting. We always do it on our inside chalkboard wall...play and clean up at the same time! :)
    Wonderful post!

  4. How funny - we did exactly the same thing today!