Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Crowns

We've been watching all the celebrations surrounding the Royal Wedding today and felt inspired to make some crowns as part of our own little celebration.
This is so easy and simple I barely need to explain how the children did this.  Firstly I made some basic 'crowns' by using sticky tape to join two strips of card together and then cut a zig zag across the top.  Then I gave the children a selection of things to decorate their crowns with.
They had tissue paper, sequin stars, glitter and tin foil.  We used PVA glue but you could use glue sticks.
You could really use anything to make crown I suppose.  Save cereal packets for card and collect pretty things for sticking (easter egg foil would be ideal or sweet wrappers).  If you don't fancy the mess you get with glue then just use crayons and stickers instead.
This is a good craft activity for my children who prefer a more unstructured approach.  That way they can express themselves and not be restricted in what they have to do.

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  1. What beautiful crowns! I love the colors of tissue you used.