Monday, 4 April 2011

Sticky fun

After having been shopping for craft materials for toddler group next week (lots of Easter themed things for making Easter bonnets!) we decided to get sticky ourselves at home.
The simplest of ideas.  All you need is some card or paper, PVA glue, tissue paper and imagination.
Girl was far more interested in spreading glue and got a little annoyed at first when I suggested actually sticking some things on to the page!  She soon came round to the idea though.
I've seen kits in toy shops for making these kind of tissue paper designs.  They are pretty expensive and all you have to do is draw a simple design to create your own version.
You could even use a colouring in picture for this activity - there are plenty available to print off online.
Spreading the glue with a brush seemed to be the most important part of the process for Girl so I wondered if she would like to do some painting.
She mainly painted the paint pots on this occasion for some reason which was fine because she obviously found it interesting!

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