Saturday, 9 April 2011

Planting & Growing Project - progress

Just a little update on the children's planting and growing project.  Spring is most definitely here in our small garden.  The spring flowers are up and make the place look a whole lot more cheerful.
Our little dwarf apple tree has sprouted some leaves too.
The seeds we planted about 10 days ago are starting to make an appearance.  The salad leaves and radishes are up, but we are still waiting for the spring onions.
The carrots are still to come up but our little bee garden is doing nicely.
I'm hoping to be able to make a little salad from the things we are growing.  Boy is really enjoying this project and it's a great way of talking to him about how things grow and develop and change over time.  We've also had time to talk about how plants make food using light through photosynthesis - thanks to some library books!  Girl has enjoyed talking about flowers and painting and drawing and sticking pictures of them.  She has learnt to say 'flower' during this project too.  We will be moving on to a new theme of Easter soon but we've learnt so much through these couple of weeks focusing on planting and growing and we will certainly keep following the progress of the things we have planted.

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