Monday, 18 April 2011

Make an Easter Tree

I was first introduced to the idea of an Easter Tree as a child when we visited some friends in USA around Easter time.  After that my mother made an Easter Tree in our home a few times and I've always thought it made a pretty little display.  Here's what we did to make ours.

We went to a local woods and picked up some fallen branches.  We cut them to size and tied them together to form the 'tree' which we put into a jug (you could use a vase).
Then we just decorated the tree with a selection of decorative eggs which we picked up at local garden centres.  I put some silk flowers around the base to add some extra colour.
It only took a couple of minutes to put our little Easter display together and it look really sweet on the windowsill of our conservatory.  It's a nice celebration of new life and a great focal point for discussions about the meaning of Easter.

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