Friday, 8 April 2011

Making a Mini Sensory Garden

We had a friend come to visit today and, as the weather has been so nice, we decided to continue with our planting and growing theme by making a mini sensory garden.  There are many plants we could have chosen to enjoy with all our senses but we decided on a strawberry plant (lovely pretty white flowers to look at and then a yummy feast to enjoy), a lavender (gorgeous smelling purple flowers and leaves are fragrant too), and a sage (great herb to add to meals and the leaves are furry and soft to the touch).  We have sighted our sensory garden next to our music area so that we can include hearing as one of the senses too.
We went to our local farm shop this morning and got some nice bright green pots, the plants and also a decorative windmill to make things a bit more interesting.
We filled the pots with compost, put in the plants, and watered them.  Simple!  The sunshine was lovely!
It's nice to have something tactile like this in the garden.  You could even do this on a balcony or in a small yard or on a doorstep if you haven't got a garden.  We are looking forward to watching it grow and our friend has taken his home to enjoy too!

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  1. Oh, this looks so nice! I hope your plants grow well. You could also paint the pots to add some creative fun to this mini-sensory garden.