Saturday, 22 October 2011

Playing with Scrap

We visited our local scrap store 'Scrap Magic!' this week and came home with an interesting array of 'intelligent materials' to explore and play with.  They have a great set up where you can fill a basket with reclaimed and recycled scrap materials for £1.50.  We got pieces of rubber, paper clips, a wooden box, bottle lids, a bag of fabric pieces, a bag of wool, pieces of plastic, lengths of coloured cellophane and shiny paper, film canisters, large plastic spools, telephone bits and some tile pieces.
We explored the objects and materials together and I let the children do what they wanted with them.
They made little tables and stools using the spools, plastic lids and film canisters.
Then they wanted to arrange bottle lids and rubber bits on top.
Boy enjoyed turning a small sheet of tiles into a telescope!
The paper clips were also popular and we got out a magnet and played with them using that.  See if you have a scrap store near you and go and explore what you can use with your children.  This kind of stuff has so many open ended play and craft opportunities and the children found it fascinating.

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