Sunday, 27 November 2011

Snow Dough and Stick Man

I have not posted for quite some time.  My time has been taken up with other things lately and the blog has fallen down my to do list somewhat.  In spite of that we have still been doing lots of things both at home and at nursery but I have just not got round to writing about them.

Anyway here is an activity I've prepared for our toddler group.  We have spent the past two weeks looking at the ever popular 'The Gruffalo' and 'The gruffalo's Child.'  This week is the turn of 'Stick Man.'  Tomorrow we will be reading the story with the children and I have made some 'snow dough' for them to play with.  I simply added white paint and some silver glitter to my usual dough recipe.  I must confess the dough has a slightly different texture to normal, more spongy but still workable.
I made some stick men using twigs.  I stuck googly eyes on them and painted a nose and mouth with paint.  Plenty of wintery cookie cutters and the children can create whatever they want to.

You could adapt this activity and get the children to make their own stick men for small world imaginary play.  This is one of Girl's favourite stories so I'm hoping she'll really enjoy what we have planned for tomorrow!

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