Saturday, 8 October 2011

Prehistoric Imaginary Play Kit

Another young friend's birthday meant a new homemade imaginary play kit earlier this week.  We had plenty of left over bits and pieces so we made a kit for Boy as well.  This kit includes green and brown play dough, a tree cutter, mini dinosaur toys, plastic leaves (from the aquatics dept at The Range), a dinosaur story, and some small wooden logs.
Boy was very excited by the idea of this 'dinosaur dough.'  We put it onto a small tray and he sat down one evening this week with it.
First he made bases for some 'trees' using the plastic leaves.
Then he used the dinosaurs to make prints in the dough.
Then he made this small world scene using all the resources on the tray.
We're looking forward to getting this kit out again later this week.  We may make some extra dough to go with it so the play can be extended a bit.

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