Sunday, 17 April 2011

Giant Dinosaur Egg

As I've mentioned before, Boy enjoys enveloping.  Check out my article on schemas for more information

Several weeks back I thought I'd give him a chance to have a go at some papier mache.  It seemed like a great activity for a child who likes to cover things up.  We blew up a balloon, we tore up loads of newspaper, we made a paste using flour and water and then we just covered the balloon with the pieces of newspaper.  We made about five layers and then left it to dry for a few days before popping the balloon.
This creation then sat on the windowsill for about four weeks because he didn't want to throw it away but we could find no use for it.  Then, with Easter on it's way, it occurred to me that we could turn it into an egg.  I suggested this to Boy and he said 'yes a dinosaur egg!' with great enthusiasm.  I had thought Easter egg but we went with his idea!  He chose to use two different shades of blue tissue paper.  I diluted some PVA glue and he mixed in some glitter to give some added sparkle!
Then we just stuck pieces of tissue paper onto the egg.
After a while we had a dinosaur egg.
Now it is back on the windowsill and we still don't know what we plan to do with it but it looks very interesting!  This would make a lovely Easter holiday activity and you could decorate your papier mache egg any way you like!

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