Friday, 3 June 2011

Gardening Project Progress

Since the warmer weather has arrived our gardening projects have really come on.  Here is the Bee Garden which we planted in March.  Find the original post here.  Boy commented 'that's coming along rather well isn't it?'
Then there are the edible plants we planted.  The carrots are not doingas well it has to be said.
Then there are the mixed salad leaves and spring onions.  Some have been slightly nibbled by the snails but we have enjoyed some baby salad leaves a couple of times - yummy!
Our radishes are getting there and will be ready to eat in a week or so.
Then we have the Sunflower Race!  Boy's plant is still leading at 65cm tall while Girl's is just behind at 63cm.
If you fancy some garden projects it's not too late!  Visit your local garden centre and get some plants or seeds.  Young children will really enjoy the process of growing and caring for plants and there are loads of learning opportunities if you get out into the garden and involve the kids!

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