Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Planting & Growing Project

Having spent a whole week looking and bubbles we're moving on to a planting and growing project now.  There are loads of play and learning opportunities with this particular theme and so I anticipate that this will run for a couple of weeks.  First, we took a trip to the library in the local town to return our bubble books and get some books about all things green fingered.
There was a lot to choose from!  On the way home we went to one of our local garden centres to choose some seeds and other goodies for the garden.
For the last few years we've made a bee garden.  Put simply, it's an area where we plant bee friendy seeds and usually add some kind of bee decoration.  In the past we've also made a bee house using bamboo canes but the bees have never made a home there so this year we're just sticking to the plants.  You can buy packets of mixed wildflower seeds at garden centres and these are ideal for this.  We got a packet of 'creepy crawly' seeds by Unwins (aimed at children!).
We don't have a large garden but even in our small patch we like to have a go at growing edible plants.  Boy chose spring onions, mixed salad leaves, radishes and carrots.  We are growing all of them in pots.  It's nice to be able to show children where their food comes from, even if it's only enough for one meal!
Boy also chose a plant which we've potted up.  He liked the look of it, and wanted to take care of it.

Girl was having her sleep time whilst we did all of this so I've kept one or two things back to do with her at a later date.  Our garden in certainly looking brighter now that plants are popping up.

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