Friday, 25 March 2011

Outdoor gallery and afternoon in the garden

We settled on a 'washing line' style gallery against the fence.  We have plans to put an interchangeable chalk board, whiteboard, painting board up against this fence.  Mr M will be converting a wooden easel we bought some years back and have hardly used.  Hopefully we'll paint the frames of the board in some nice cheerful bright colours and then this will be a writing, drawing and painting area.
We've laminated these pieces of artwork so that they can stay out in the wet weather.  Most of these are things we've done at home but the hand prints came from nursery.  Boy and Girl attend an excellent nursery so it's great to be able to extend and link in with what they are doing there.
Whilst we were grocery shopping this morning Boy decided to spend some of his spending money on this giant bubble wand.
Later on he asked to do water balloons again so we spent some considerable time doing that before Girl woke up and joined us.  We played outside for most of the afternoon making bubbles, playing in the water tray and riding bikes and scooters on the driveway.  We've finished our week of bubble related activities but I'm sure we'll keep on playing with bubbles as the weather is that little bit warmer and we can get outside more.  Next week I plan to begin some planting and growing projects including; sunflowers, a bee garden, sensory planting, and some vegetables and herbs.

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  1. I'm loving your blog Mrs M! The photos are great and show the children enjoying themselves in your new playgarden - keep blogging! Mrs K