Wednesday, 23 March 2011

All about bubbles!!

This week we are playing with bubbles!  So far this has involved a fair amount of playing outside.  We have also taken a trip to the library to find books and stories about bubbles which we have been reading together.  Boy seems to enjoy linking things up in this way and becomes really interested in a particular theme.  Girl is happy to join in with whatever we are doing!
We enjoyed blowing the bubbles and trying to catch them - although since we live on the top of a very windy moor, most of them blew away quite quickly!
I made some foamy bubbles to put in the water tray and Girl spent a good few minutes trying to rake the foam.

Once Girl went for a nap.  Boy and I made splash patterns on the driveway using water balloons.  We also spent some time making bubble pictures and, of course, singing 'I'm forever blowing bubbles!'

Bubbles games and activities are so inexpensive and easy (and lots of fun too!)

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