Friday, 25 March 2011

Finishing off our week of bubbles

This afternoon Boy and I decided to make a few more bubble paintings.  I had to keep reminding him not to suck on the straw.  Girl did this the other afternoon and looked very shocked!
Once dry, we cut them out and stuck them into a mini collage.  Then we stuck the 'Soap Bubbles' poem over the top.  We think we might laminate it and then hang it up in the garden.  We've been thinking about making a garden gallery.  We used to have everything on the kitchen wall but since we had a new kitchen last spring I've been less inclined to fill it with all the children's masterpieces.  We might fix them to the fence or hang them up on some string.
After I'd taken these Boy had a go on the camera.  Producing some rather 'interesting' results.....


  1. hi where did you get your aprons from

  2. Tesco supermarket. This was some time ago though so I have no idea if they still sell them.