Friday, 6 May 2011

A Watery Afternoon

After Girl had woken from her sleep earlier today I decided some outdoor play would be in order.  We had a busy morning grocery shopping and visiting the Drs and then I had been busy in the kitchen so Boy had to have some quiet time.  Outdoor play is usually the best antidote!
Boy requested water play so that's what we did.  I got the sand out too but there was no interest in that!  I put some washing-up liquid bottles, cups and a jug into the water along with some beautiful shells I picked up at The Range earlier in the week.  They had the funnels and water wheels which go with the water tray too.
Boy was delighted to find the shells resting on the bottom of the tray.
They played in the tray for quite some time.  Girl was particularly interested in trying to fill up the bottles and squirt the water out.  She squirted some onto the ground and then looked at it with great interest.  She touched the puddle and enjoyed the splash shape the water had made.  This led on to both children experimenting with taking the water to different parts of the garden.  Girl in particular was exploring how the water could be squeezed out and they way it flowed out.  She's learning some basic physics here by experimenting.
First into the sand.  Then the sunflowers and mini sensory garden.
Then to the salads, radishes and spring onions.
Boy said 'we're watering - it makes them get bigger, look!'  Then he picked a dandelion flower and brought it to the water.  Then he poured water on the top and said 'it's going to get bigger!'
I asked 'are you sure it will get bigger?'  'Yes!' he replied.  We decided to leave in in the garden overnight to see if it grows.  That way he can find out for himself what happens once a flower has been picked.
He's learning to test out his theories in a more structured way.  He's becoming a young scientist.
Then Boy decided to experiment with throwing the water.  First into the plants in the garden.
Then over the fence!  He laughed and jumped up and down as the water disappeared over the fence.  'It goes in big drops' he said observing how the water split off into droplets as it flew into the air.  Learning about the properties of a liquid!
We only had to finish this exploratory play when it was dinner time (and all the water had gone from the tray by then too!)  I find it fascinating just providing a few bits and pieces and seeing what the children will come up with.  They enjoy an open ended activity where they can explore at their own interest and developmental stage (they are 2 1/2 years apart in age.)  You don't need a water tray to do this.  Just use a washing up bowl and take it outside.

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  1. Looks like fun! We love to use everyday products in our water table too!

  2. I love that you let your little man discover for himself what happens when you pick a flower as opposed to telling him. And I don't know a little one who doesn't love playing in water. My little man just adores playing in water and before we moved from the tropics to a very chilly climate, he would spend all morning playing out in his paddling pool.

    Thanks for sharing with us and hope to see you again next week.

  3. Thank you for the encouraging comments! x

  4. Wonderful water play! Our kids were doing almost the same water experiments last week!

    I'm having water table envy here. We just use a toy bin for water play.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love all your pictures showing all the fun they had with such simple materials. Play and learning at it's best. Thanks for joining the Carinval of Water Play :)