Friday, 6 May 2011

Alphabet Book

Having spent some more time cutting from old catalogues and magazines Boy showed an interest in getting out the 'Alphabet Book.'
This is something we started a little while back and keep returning to from time to time.  Initially it was my attempt to try to help Boy learn to recognise and remember letters of the alphabet and their associated phonic sounds.  It's very simple.
I bought an exercise book and wrote all the letters of the alphabet in it - a double page for each one.  Then Boy sticks in pictures or objects he has collected that begin with that letter.  Sometimes he picks out examples of print (like the Toy Story label here), usually he cuts pictures from magazines but we have picked up leaves and feathers from nature walks too.
I write the word next to the picture or object for him too.  He is really showing an interest and is improving in recognising letters.  He has been quite strong on numbers for some time now and has not wanted to look at reading and writing much but this is a really nice way he can take control of his own learning.  He does just a few at a time and when he wants to.

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