Saturday, 10 September 2011

British Science Festival 2011

We visited two of the exhibitions at the British Science Festival this weekend.  First 'Science in the Early Years' at Bradford University and then the BBC Bang Goes the Theory Roadshow.  Both were brilliant!
We explored cornflour gloop and found that we could hit it with a hammer.  They were even kind enough to give me this rather stylish lab coat so I really looked the part!  We made slime by mixing pva glue and borax, we also did some experiments with red cabbage and dry ice.
Boy was particularly fascinated by the dry ice!
Then we moved onto circus skills.  Boy was really interested in the diabalo and learned to spin plates.
Girl really enjoyed playing with the water and exploring magnets and natural materials.
Whilst Boy followed a recipe to make some very simple play dough with the help of one of the staff.
Then we made a rocket and launched it using a foot pump.  Brilliant!
This was one of the best events for young children I have been to and it has given me loads of science based activities and ideas to try.  Watch this space to see how we get on!

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