Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Paper Plate Craft #3 Spinning Paints

Girl has a strong Rotation schema (see here for schema information) and I was discussing this with a colleague a few weeks back.  We were trying to think of activities for children with rotational schema and I remembered I had heard mention of using salad spinners to make patterns and designs using paint.  I can't remember where I've seen this - probably on a kids art programme as a child.  I haven't actually read any instructions on this but we decided to experiment with centrifugal force this morning.
You need a salad spinner, paper plates and ready made paints in various colours.  I cut round the edge of the plates to make them fit into the basket of the spinner.
Then we squirted blobs of paint onto the plates.  Boy was keen to use all the colours we had!
Then spin it for a short time.  Girl loved this bit!  She kept saying 'my do, my do, faster, faster!'  Great stuff!
We did quite a few different ones and mixed some colours too to make pinks and purples.  The results were really good and Boy was quite interested in how it works.  An opportunity to talk about physics.
We ran out of plates and had to take a quick trip to the shop to get some more.  It was a really popular activity with my children and I plan to take the salad spinner into nursery later this week to let the other children have a go too.  Happy spinning!
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  1. I love, love this idea. I just need to find some used, cheap salad spinners. Thanks for sharing. :)Kristi

  2. I really need to get my hands on one of these! It just looks so fun and the finished products are awesome!

    would love for you to link up on the Sunday Showcase -


  3. Thank you Bernadette - have done! I got this spinner from a bargain supermarket called Lidl. In fact this one now belongs to the Pre-School I teach at because I took it in to use there and the glitter paint we used won't wash off. I don't fancy glittery salad! I bought myself a new one from our local supermarket last Friday! Thanks for your comment. xx Helen xx

  4. My kids love spin art! The love to watch the colors run together! Thank you for posting this on the Sunday Showcase!