Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paper Plate Craft #2 Frogs!

One of the classes Girl is entering in our local show is 'Decorated Paper Plate.'  This is a brilliant category for young children.  We love being creative with a paper plate and here is our offering for the show.  Boy did one too although he was insistent when I filled out the entry form that he didn't want to do this.  Now he's changed his mind, obviously!
First you need to paint or otherwise decorate (collage, crayons whatever..) the plate in your chosen colour on both sides.  Paint takes a while to dry so if your child finds it difficult to wait for things to dry (I had to work hard to get mine to do this) then use colouring instead of painting.
Boy made a blue frog (?) and Girl did a conventional green one.  I used foam sheets in different colours and cut out shapes for them to use.  Feet, eyes, tongue etc...
Once the plate is dry fold it in half.
Then stick on the various bits to make the frog look like a frog!
Then we used some coloured sequins we had in our craft drawer to make some speckles.
This is a very easy craft to do with even very young children because they are really doing simple sticking in the appropriate places.  I admit there is less freedom in this than I would normally have but, as it's for a competition, I felt it ought to look like it's meant to be something.  Boy and Girl are both pleased with their frogs.


  1. Love this! We're going to be talking about frogs next week & I've been gathering ideas. This would be the perfect craft project!

  2. How fun!!! I love paper plate crafts, this is awesome!

  3. We LOVE paper plate crafts in my home! The boys will be so excited to make these frogs, I can't wait to do this with them. Very creative and cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Happily following you from It's Playtime! I would love it if you would stop by my blog and say hi, and maybe consider following me! :)


  4. Thats great, i love it. Can't wait to try it out with my kiddies!

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