Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hedgehog Collage

Having been interested in our visiting hedgehogs, we decided to make hedgehog pictures.  Earlier on in the week I was talking to another parent who asked me what could be done with all the paintings and pictures children do.  I had recently cut up some artwork into shapes at nursery and the children had used it for collage along with other materials and objects.  I suggested the same to this parent.  This led me to think about what to do with the large amount of sludgy brown 'back of a cave' pictures boy likes to do.  Perfect for a hedgehog collage I thought!
I found some suitable pictures lying around.  Some are just using brush painting and on some we have used printing (sponges, cloths, straws, fingers.)  I stuck to a brown theme.  Then I cut some, sort of, squashed semi circle shapes and lots of spiky and triangular shapes as well as a couple of small circles to use for eyes.
Girl was very interested in using as much glue as possible.
Boy got the idea straight away and began creating.  Sticking spikes onto his hedgehog with enthusiasm.
Girl's hedgehog is pretty good in the end.  She did have a little bit of help but not a great deal.
Boy wanted two eyes for his!
A hedgehog is a very easy animal to make.  If you cut out simple shapes you could do spiders, ladybirds, birds, bees, anything you fancy really!  It turned out to be a nice end result too whilst, at the same time, allowing the children some freedom and control over what they wanted to do.

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