Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bingley Show

Yesterday we went along to our local Agricultural Show in Bingley - which is our local town.  Earlier in the week we posted about the baking and craft items we had been preparing for the show.  The children entered chocolate cornflakes, decorated gingerbread men and a decorated paper plate.  Sadly, we didn't win any prizes this year but there were so many fantastic entries, it would have been hard for the judges to pick a winner!
Some great paper plate craft ideas here.  I liked the lion one!
Homemade Party Hats.  Some wonderful creations here - all age 6 and under!
Junk models.
The gingerbread men.  I think I liked the footballer ones best, but they were all good and so interesting to see all the different ideas the children had.
There is always so much to see at an Agricultural Show.  The livestock classes are really interesting and children just love to see the animals.
As well as all the craft and baking entries there are always plenty of horticultural items to view.
There were children's entries in horticulture too.  Miniature gardens, pictures made using plants and seeds, vegetable creatures.....
So much to inspire us to find new activities and ideas.  These kind of shows go on all over the country for most of the summer so there is bound to be something in your area.  Find out and go along with your family and enjoy our rural heritage, and perhaps even take part.

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