Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cleaning and Brushing

Boy was feeling a little off colour earlier this week and had a little nap during the afternoon.  Girl and I went to play outside to give him some peace and quiet.  Girl loves playing with water and it isn't so often that we get to play just the two of us so it was a nice opportunity to let her do her own thing instead of being led by her brother's play, which is often what happens.
She began by just playing with the squeezy bottles and a couple of bowls and jugs.  I put some washing up liquid into the water and she smiled and said 'bubble.'  I brought out a scrubbing brush and a dish brush for her to play with and the play quickly became based around cleaning and brushing different parts of the garden.
First the steps.  She walked over saying 'dep, dep.'  She poured water onto the step and then used the brush to clean it.  It put me in mind of my grandmother's era when housewives would scrub their doorsteps regularly in this way.
Then she turned her attention to the paving on the patio.
Then she found the yard brush and began using this, although I think she found it too tricky because she quickly moved back to the scrubbing brush.
Then she removed her sandals and began washing her feet.  Not with the brushes this time though!
She had a great time and was very upset when she had to come in for dinner.  Simple household items can be the best toys.  All she used were old washing up liquid bottles, a mixing bowl, plastic measuring jug and some cleaning brushes.

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  1. I love working 'cleaning' in as play for the kids. Even if no cleaning gets done. And probably a bigger mess was made :) Or even if cleaning wasn't the intention... kids just love to try it out!