Friday, 1 July 2011

Good Old Gloop

This is a real favourite amongst anyone who works with young children.  Simple to make, cheap, non-toxic, slimy stuff that seems to fascinate children.  You need cornflour and water.  Mix enough water until the mixture is just slightly runnier than a paste.  You can add colour or glitter if you like.
It forms an interesting substance which appears to be neither solid nor liquid.  You can cut and slice it, pile it up, and hold it in your hand but once you release it it becomes runny again.
Girl found it interesting to pour it from spoon to spoon and then into a bowl.  She did this with real concentration.
Boy enjoyed feeling it and exploring it with his sense of touch.
A great way to explore science through play and a great activity to enjoy in the sun.  You could try mixing the gloop with other things to use as an ingredient in mud pies or as a paint for some art work.

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