Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Entering a Country Show

You may have noticed we haven't posted anything in a while and this is because we have been busy over the last week or so!  We have had two parties, one at our Parent and Toddler Group and one at Pre School for all the children who are going to school (including Boy!)
We have baked cakes galore for the Pre School party!  Fairy cakes, victoria sandwich, chocolate fudge cake, lemon cake, and apple cake.  The baking continues this week because we have to prepare our entries for the local country show.  Boy has entered this for the last few years and it is a really great thing to get kids involved in.  He has won several prizes over the years and this has really helped build his confidence and self esteem as well as learning new practical skills and being creative.  This time Girl will enter for the first time too!  The children are entering the chocolate cornflakes and decorated gingerbread people this year.
It's not only baking, there are often craft classes in country shows for children to take part in.  Find out what is happening in your area and get your children involved.  There are adult entries too - you might just get hooked.
We'll do another post later on in the week with an update on our progress before the show on Saturday!

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