Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Polystyrene Printing

My husband was planning a trip to the dump last weekend and I wondered if we had any polystyrene left from packaging.  I asked him and he said there wasn't anything.  I intended just to save any we might get in the future put he came back from the dump with a car full of the stuff!  He had seem a man getting rid of a load and asked him for it!  We used it this morning for some printing.
I cut it into hand sized chunks and away we went with all the different paints we have in the house.
Some nice results and the best part was not having to wash it afterwards, I just threw it away.  I must say though, it is quite messy when you cut it up and you will need to vacuum afterwards.  Was good fun though and something both Boy and Girl could do in their own way.


  1. That stuff is the BEST for stamping! We cut shapes like hearts for valentines stamping with for Valentines. It's so nice and chunky for the kiddies to hold on to.

  2. where did you get your aprons from